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Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO)

Genetically modified organisms (GMO) are cultivated worldwide. The genes of plants are modified to provide the plants with herbicide tolerances or genes for the production of their own insecticides. Most GMO are corn, soy or cotton. In the EU, GMOs may only be cultivated or placed on the market as food if they are approved.
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Pesticide residues in organic products and their assessment

It seems obvious that no pesticide residues should be detectable in organic products. But even organic products cannot always be completely free of harmful substances. From air and water, for example, pesticides can get into the soil and then into the plants. Pesticides used in the neighbourhood also occasionally drift onto organic fields. Occasionally, organic
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Fact sheet – Beeswax

Beeswax   Beeswax is a natural product that is produced by special wax-secreting glands of bee workers to build their comb. As a valuable raw material it is used in candle, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries (E901) as well as essential raw material for the production of honeycombs. Despite of over 300 different single components,
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Fact sheet – coffee Robusta or Arabica, 16-O-Methylcafestol

Coffee Arabica or Robusta? Coffee beans are one of the most traded goods worldwide and therefore prone to potential adulterations. Mainly the two kinds Arabica (Coffea arabica) and Robusta (Coffea canephora) are offered which vary in cultivation, taste, shape and prize.(1) Beans of Arabica are aromatic, mild, harmonic in taste and contain a high percentage
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QSI offers the quantitative analysis of terpenes in plant products. GC/MS is used to analyze 21 terpenes, even under GMP conditions.

Quantitative determination of terpenes

Terpenes are molecules constructed from isoprene units that occur naturally in plants. As secondary metabolites, they have a wide range of functions such as attracting pollinating insects, protecting against herbivores or as growth regulators. Terpenes are the main component of essential oil and have a decisive influence on the aroma of plants products such as
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QSI and Diapharm Oldenburg to go together in the future

Bremen – QSI GmbH is pleased to announce the merger with Diapharm Analytics GmbH from Oldenburg – both companies of the Tentamus Group. QSI CEO Gudrun Beckh reports: “Already during our summer party, we were able to inform our employees about the good news that we will be able to go together in the future.
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Fact Sheet – Crystallization

The following factors have a main influence on the crystallization behaviour of honey: sugar spectrum water content storage temperature duration of storage presence of crystallization nuclei various measures of the honey processing The starting point for the crystallization of honey are so-called crystal nuclei, microscopically small particles such as tiny glucose crystals, pollen grains, dust
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Cocotea 2019

At the fifth international conference for coffee, cocoa and tea, industry and research met for a three-day technical exchange. QSI was represented at the event by Arne Dübecke and Annika Hoffmann. On the first day Arne Dübecke gave a presentation on pyrrolizidine alkaloids (PA) in tea and herbs. He explained which challenges have to be
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Book The Honey by Helmut Horn and Cord Lüllmann, Beekeeping, Analysis, Law, legal requiremetns, Health

New Book The Honey

We would like to introduce the eagerly anticipated english edition of the book „The Honey“ by Helmut Horn and Cord Lüllmann. Honey is one of nature’s most valuable raw materials – and has been for over twelve thousand years. Its ingredients are valued in nutrition as well as in medicine and cosmetics. Like no other
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QSI celebrates – Pink Party

QSI GmbH had every reason to celebrate last weekend: In addition to the presentation of the two new buildings, the merger of Diapharm Oldenburg and QSI Bremen, under the umbrella of the Tentamus Group, was announced.                            Customers, employees and family celebrated with delicious food, drinks and good
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