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Publications about Alkaloids

Alkaloids are usually not intentionally added to foods, they occur naturally in plants. Even natural plant constituents are not always harmless for humans – prominent examples are pyrr ... Continued

Publications about Adulteration

Economically motivated adulterations are a worldwide problem for the food trade. High-quality raw materials are stretched with inferior goods, the real origins are obscured or in the case of ... Continued

Publications about unifloral honeys

Pollen analysis enables geographical and botanical determination of bee products such as honey, propolis, pollen mixtures and Royal Jelly. The pollen spectrum is examined and evaluated micro ... Continued

Publications about yeast in honey

Yeasts naturally occur ubiquitously in honey. The matrix honey is almost imperishable due to the predominant survival conditions for microorganisms. Nevertheless, there are a number of yeast ... Continued

further publications

See further publications here: K. Beckmann, G. Beckh, C. Lüllmann Antimikrobielle Effekte von Honig – Review (2011) C. Lüllmann Honey Quality Requirements of the European Market Book of ... Continued

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