Member of Tentamus - Visit Tentamus.comAbout us: Laboratory for food and pharmaceutical analyses in Bremen. We analyse honey, coffee, tea, agave syrup, hemp and cannabis, also under GMP conditions.
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QSI – Your partner for fast and flexible laboratory tests.

In recent years, there has been a steady increase in legal requirements and quality standards. Consumers expect a secure and high quality of the products they purchase.

Increased awareness is certainly also based on enhanced consumer protection and publications of consumer magazines.

We take this awareness into account – and offer professional competence and qualification for recognized and independent analysis.

Our established quality management system helps us to comprehensively control analyses and processes to secure your analysis results.

Our daily work encompasses the analysis of products such as honey, coffee, tea, cocoa, hemp and other foods as well as medical cannabis and further pharmaceutical raw materials. This scope also includes analyses under GMP conditions.

Our success story

In 1954, Dr. Herwarth Duisberg founded the Institute for Honey Research. He was the first in Germany to define parameters for the quality control of honey, which were laid down in various publications.

In 1976, Dr. Bela Talpay took over the management of the institute. In his publication “Specifications for Trachthonige (DLR 5,1985)” he defined the most important honey varieties that were imported to Germany at the time.

In 1989 Dr. Cord Lüllmann took over the management of the institute. In addition to analysing honeys from all over the world, he has expanded the company’s portfolio to include other food and pharmaceutical products. This broad spectrum of analyses was now also reflected in the new company name: QSI – Quality Services International GmbH.

Today, QSI is also involved in EU-funded projects worldwide aimed at improving the quality of end-consumer products.

By joining the constantly growing Tentamus Group of laboratories in 2013, QSI was able to further increase its analytical services and can cover an ever-increasing portfolio of products and analyses within the group.

By combining many years of experience and commitment, we ensure the two foundations of our quality policy: maintaining the resilience of our laboratory results in the context of daily routine examinations and our passion for analytical innovations. This is ensured not least by our motivated employees, who are qualified through internal and external training courses.


Dr. Cord Lüllmann

General Manager
+49 421 / 596 607 -0


Annika Wessels

Business Manager Food
Certified Food Chemist
+49 421 / 596 607 -0


Dr. Johannes Junemann

Business Manager Pharma
Director QM

Biotechnologist, Narcotics Representative
+49 421 / 596 607 -0

Alheidis Merschel

Qualified Person
+49 421 / 596 607 -0


Jürgen Wehlitz

Test Manager
Certified Food Chemist
+49 421 / 596 607 -0


Steffen Reckeweg

Head of Business Unit Customer Service
Management assistant in Wholesale and Foreign Trade
+49 421 / 596 607 -0


Martin Linkogel

Business Manager Bee Products
Certified Food Chemist
T +49 421 / 596 607 -0


Dr. Jens Lütjohann

Scientific Laboratory Director
Business Manager Medical Devices
Certified Food Chemist
+49 421 / 596 607 -0

Svenja Dohrmann

Deputy Head of Laboratory & Quality Control
Certified Chemist Technician
+49 421 / 596 607 -0


Isabel Tipke

Test Manager
Certified Food Chemist
+49 421 / 596 607 -0


Mandy Weigel

Test Manager
Certified Food Chemist
+49 421 / 596 607 -0


Aline Sarah Eggert

Sales Manager
Chemical-technical Assistant, Spanish speaking
+49 421 / 596 607 -0


Quality Services International GmbH is accredited by the German Accreditation Body (DAkkS) according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018.

See here the accreditation certificate
Certificate registration number: D-PL-14508-01-00

See here the Annex for accreditation


Admission according to § 65 Abs. 4 AMG for the examination of official counter samples or duplicate samples – Preparation of test certificates according to the pharmacy operating regulations §§ 6 and 11

Authorisations as experts for the examination of official cross-checks:

Admission as official expert Dr. C. Lüllmann
Admission as official expert J. Wehlitz
Admission as official expert A. Wessels (nee Hoffmann)
Admission as official expert M. Linkogel
Admission as official expert Dr. J. Lütjohann
Admission as official expert M. Weigel

Career at Quality Services International GmbH

Assuring quality together. As an established company under the umbrella of the Tentamus Group, QSI relies on employees who want to pursue this goal with us. Thanks to our worldwide network, there are many opportunities to shape your career. Become a part of this community, we are looking forward to meeting you. Please find the current job offers of the Tentamus group here.

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