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Global Tea Testing by Tentamus

The primary source of tea is in Asia, but enjoyed worldwide. To ensure that the tea is also safe, Tentamus Group provides you with tea testing and consulting services in 3 continents: Asia, Europe and North America.

You can choose testing at origin or point of export, or indeed for import and local area conformity. Especially for importers or exporters, e.g. for the EU or USA a preshipment testing strategy might be useful to identify highly contaminated products before costs are incurred through shipping.

The parameters with highest risk regarding conformity in the EU or USA can be tested directly at the place of production in China. This enables a fast and reliable preshipment conformity test. Evaluation of results can be done in accordance with specific regulations for the EU, USA or Asia. Reports can be issued in German, English and Chinese.

Testing Services

The key elements of testing are pesticide screens, heavy metal analysis and other contaminants that may be of concern. We can provide broad screens to show the entire risk profile, or specific test programs to confirm quality.
Tentamus Group has performed a proficiency test between laboratories and proved that the tea laboratories in China, EU and USA show consistency of results.

Strategies depend on your needs, conformity for local area and import/export regulations but also broad screens that can be specific for your risk and the health of the consumers. The testing strategies can also be matched with expert inspection and auditing services.

If your business is tea, fruit teas and dried herbals, then get in touch with Tentamus Group for global testing and regulatory advice.

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