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Sensory Analysis

Sensory stimuli are among the warning systems of humans. For example, people can perceive the spoilage of food through its appearance, smell and taste. For this reason, these sensory impressions also play an important role when buying products in a supermarket. Our consumer panel, consisting of untrained testers, is available to you for testing the consumer acceptance and preference of your products.

In addition we also offer you sensory examinations by our trained and continuously qualified experts. Your products are tested under strictly reproducible conditions in our test room designed according to DIN EN ISO 8589.

Sensory tests are recommended in particular for:

  • Assessment of marketability
  • Exact description of the characteristics (e. g. creating a profile)
  • Verification of shelf life
  • Product comparison
  • Handling of complaints

Our sensory experts will be pleased to advise you on the selection of the right method for your individual problem.

Do you have further questions about sensory analysis? Please do not hesitate to contact us:


Tel: +49 (0)421 / 59 66 070


We offer sensory analysis in the following product groups. Please find our complete scope of services:

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