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  • Honey & Bee Products

    Blossom or forest honey? From China, Mexico or Australia? Acacia, lime or clover honey? We can provide you with competent answers for all your questions which relate to honey.

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  • Agave Syrup

    Agave syrup is produced locally from various species of the Mexican agave plant.

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  • Coffee and Cocoa

    2.25 billion cups of coffee in several variations are consumed each and every day.

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  • Tea, herbal teas, fruit teas

    Tea is popular throughout the world. Irrespective of whether this is green or black tea, flavoured or not, fruit tea or vegetable tea, it is precisely this variety which makes tea such a valued drink.

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  • Hemp containing Food

    Hemp (Cannabis sativa) is becoming increasingly popular as a foodstuff. Many products such as hemp seeds, hemp protein powder or hemp containing teas are now commercially available.

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  • Medicinal Cannabis

    Since March 2017, general practitioners and specialists in Germany have been allowed to prescribe medical cannabis in various forms, such as flowers or extracts, for serious illnesses. Due to THC contents above 0.2 %, these products are subject to the German Narcotics Law (BtMG).

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  • Pharmaceutical Products

    GMP = Good Manufacturing Practices – these are guidelines for the quality assurance of production processes. Pharmaceuticals and their raw materials are subject to the strict requirements of the GMP guidelines.

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Our Analyses

  • Analysis of Food Fraud & Authenticity

    Economically motivated adulterations are a worldwide problem for the food trade.

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  • Determination of Origin

    Die Pollenbestimmung macht eine geographische und botanische Herkunftsbestimmung bei Bienenprodukten wie Honig, Propolis, Pollengemischen und Gelee Royal möglich.

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  • Residues

    Food safety is an important issue that is becoming more and more important due to global trade.

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  • Contaminants

    Contaminants are not intentionally added to food. They are impurities originating from different sources, for example from environmental influences.

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  • Microbiology

    While microorganisms are beneficial in some foods, they can be harmful in other products. They can lead to spoilage and, in the worst case, pose a health risk.

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  • GMO

    Genetically modified organisms have become a very complex issue in recent years.

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  • Sensory

    Sensory stimuli are among the warning systems of humans. For example, people can perceive the spoilage of food through its appearance, smell and taste. For this reason, these sensory impressions also play an important role when buying products in a supermarket.

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  • Stability Testing

    The laboratory QSI GmbH, assists manufacturers from initial pharmaceutical development and the stability testing of bulk or final products through in-use stability studies and stability monitoring of post-marketing batches (on-going stability testing).

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  • Extractable & Leachable Studies

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Consulting & Training

  • Trainings & Seminars

    Training and seminars in all aspects of Food Analysis and Quality Assurance

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    Business plan explained on flipchart by CEO to employees
  • Development projects

    Unsere Experten sind im Rahmen von Entwicklungsprojekten beratend in den Erzeugerländern unterwegs und unterstützen dort.

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