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Analysis of Food Fraud & Authenticity

Economically motivated adulterations are a worldwide problem for the food trade.

High-quality raw materials are stretched with inferior goods, the real origins are obscured or in the case of honey and agave syrup diluted with industrially produced syrups in such a way that determining the authenticity of the product becomes more difficult. High-quality coffee qualities, such as Arabica coffee, are mixed with cheaper Robusta varieties, but this blend is not labelled.

For various other matrices we offer the examination for food fraud and authenticity, e. g. for essential oils or vanillin. In the latter, isotope analysis is used to determine the origin of vanillin from genuine vanilla beans or from other origins.

As the „Tentamus Center for Food Fraud“, the laboratories of the Tentamus Group are active on a large scale in the field of food fraud detection and detect adulterations in many different products.

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