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Analysis of Agave Syrup

We kindly want to inform you, that QSI Bremen also is offering analytical services for testing of Agave Syrup (“Agave Nectar”). We have more than 65 years experience in authenticity test ... Continued

Furan in coffee beans

Furan can be formed in foods during heat treatment, for example during coffee roasting. Furan has also been found in further heat-treated foods like bread or canned vegetables and canned mea ... Continued

Neonicotinoids in Honey

The use of neonicotinoid pesticides has increased significantly since the introduction in the 1990s. Currently, they represent a quarter of the world’s insecticide market. By eliminati ... Continued
Glyphosate in Honey

Glyphosate residues in honey

Glyphosate (“Roundup”) is a non-selective herbicide used since 1974 in many countries worldwide. Lately, there is an emotional discussion in the media (related to the prolongation of the ... Continued

Sensitive Detection of Antibiotics

We are pleased to offer you our new ultra method for the antibiotic streptomycin. The LC-MS/MS method completes our “ultra-package” – we are now able to offer our antibiotic methods wi ... Continued

Trace labelling of milk & wheat

At its 80th workshop in November 2017, the ALTS dealt with the question of whether there is a misleading trace of milk or wheat with simultaneous labelling as “lactose-free” or & ... Continued

#WorkersWednesday Part 11

Finally! It’s #WorkersWednesday again!   This means every wednesday, an employee of the Tentamus Group is introduced in this category. Today, we would like to tell you a little bit mo ... Continued

Analyst receives GCLP accreditation

Berlin – Tentamus Group a global product and safety firm, has announced today that Analyst Research Laboratories based in Ness Ziona, is the first Laboratory in Israel that has been award ... Continued

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