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QSI offers the quantitative analysis of terpenes in plant products. GC/MS is used to analyze 21 terpenes, even under GMP conditions.

Quantitative determination of terpenes

Terpenes are molecules constructed from isoprene units that occur naturally in plants. As secondary metabolites, they have a wide range of functions such as attracting pollinating insects, protecting against herbivores or as growth regulators. Terpenes are the main component of essential oil and have a decisive influence on the aroma of plants products such as
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QSI and Diapharm Oldenburg to go together in the future

Bremen – QSI GmbH is pleased to announce the merger with Diapharm Analytics GmbH from Oldenburg – both companies of the Tentamus Group. QSI CEO Gudrun Beckh reports: “Already during our summer party, we were able to inform our employees about the good news that we will be able to go together in the future.
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Fact Sheet – Crystallization

The following factors have a main influence on the crystallization behaviour of honey: sugar spectrum water content storage temperature duration of storage presence of crystallization nuclei various measures of the honey processing The starting point for the crystallization of honey are so-called crystal nuclei, microscopically small particles such as tiny glucose crystals, pollen grains, dust
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Cocotea 2019

At the fifth international conference for coffee, cocoa and tea, industry and research met for a three-day technical exchange. QSI was represented at the event by Arne Dübecke and Annika Hoffmann. On the first day Arne Dübecke gave a presentation on pyrrolizidine alkaloids (PA) in tea and herbs. He explained which challenges have to be
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Book The Honey by Helmut Horn and Cord Lüllmann, Beekeeping, Analysis, Law, legal requiremetns, Health

New Book The Honey

We would like to introduce the eagerly anticipated english edition of the book „The Honey“ by Helmut Horn and Cord Lüllmann. Honey is one of nature’s most valuable raw materials – and has been for over twelve thousand years. Its ingredients are valued in nutrition as well as in medicine and cosmetics. Like no other
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QSI celebrates – Pink Party

QSI GmbH had every reason to celebrate last weekend: In addition to the presentation of the two new buildings, the merger of Diapharm Oldenburg and QSI Bremen, under the umbrella of the Tentamus Group, was announced.                            Customers, employees and family celebrated with delicious food, drinks and good
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Psicose: first experience with new marker for adulteration

There are many ways to adulterate honey and it is becoming more and more difficult to find out about the fraud. We have therefore broaden our scope of analysis for the authenticity testing of honey and now offer the analysis of psicose, a marker substance for sugar syrups. Starch-based syrups are used to intentionally adulterate
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QSI newsletter

We inform you regularly about the technical and content-related challenges for the analysis of honey and other bee products, agave syrup, coffee, cocoa, tea and hemp products – also medicinal cannabis and other pharmaceutical products. You are cordially invited to register here for the automatic sending of the newsletter. You may find the previously in
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Fake test reports

Due to current events, we would like to inform you that fake test reports, allegedly issued by QSI GmbH, are in circulation. As you know, you always receive our test reports as a PDF document. However, PDF documents are not per se tamper-proof, but can be changed subsequently. We are aware of this problem and
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ISO meeting in Paris

As part of her activities for the German Institute for Standardization (DIN), CEO Gudrun Beckh attended the second meeting of the ISO/TC34/SC19 Group and the first meeting of the Working Group Honey from 26 to 28 June 2019 in Paris. The aim is to achieve a globally standardized regulation for honey and other bee products.
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Testing of Medical Devices for Legal Compliance

The biological safety of medical devices is essential not only during the times of the Corona pandemic. Nevertheless especially in crisis situations the safety, sterility and biocompatibility of medical devices is under special surveillance. In this context Tentamus offers a sophisticated and accredited platform for biological safety testing of medical devices within the framework of
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Testing of Medical Face Masks

According to the ISO EN 14683:2019+AC:2019, surgical masks and medical face masks in general should fulfil defined safety standards before being placed on the European market. To fulfil these criteria Tentamus offers the following testing strategies in compliance with ISO 14683: Bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) Breathability Splash resistance Medical face masks represent medical devices classified
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Progress for Microbiology Lab & Clean Room at VelaLabs

April 2020: In spite of challenges caused by the coronavirus pandemic the reconstruction of the laboratory space for microbiology and sterility progresses is in plan at VelaLabs. As to date, the floor was torn out and ventilation systems were already installed. The next step will be painting the walls, laying out of the floor and
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KUDAM laboratory receives QS Certification

Following continued commitment to constant improvements and the obtaining of new accreditatoins and recognitions linked to the main European certification bodies, Laboratorio KUDAM is now certified by German certification system QS for the analysis of pesticide residues. This milestone recognises the high quality standards and accuracy of KUDAM Laboratory’s residue analysis service, and its ability
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Increased demand for online grocery stores due to coronavirus

With people increasingly preferring to order from home, e-commerce is expanding worldwide. This has led to more and more people ordering their food online and having it delivered to their doorstep. As people are currently seeking protection from SARS-CoV-2, the demand for online food purchases has seen a rise in recent weeks. This allows people
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VelaLabs Business Continuity Plan for the COVID-19 Crisis

April 09, 2020: During the COVID-19 crisis VelaLabs has implemented measures to keep our business up and running services we offer for our valuable clients. Through our Business Continuity Plan (BCP), we have established important measures ensuring that we continue to provide best services to our clients while keeping our staff safe. Please find the
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Easter: The difference in labelling coloured and regular eggs

A big part of Easter is going into your local supermarket, and seeing an array of colourful, decorated eggs. While these eggs are fun and look pretty, their labelling requirements are less strict than regular eggs. This can lead to consumers being in the dark about the product they are purchasing. This is because coloured
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Biosimilar: Analytics&Market – An Article from VelaLabs

April 2020: The deep experience of VelaLabs with biosimilars is now demonstrated by a review article in the journal “Medical Research Archives”. The review gives a short but comprehensive overview about selected biosimilars. Adalimumab, the best-selling pharmaceutical product world-wide, is analyzed in more detail including a competitive field and the portfolio of methods required for
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