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GMP analyses at QSI

GMP = Good Manufacturing Practices – these are guidelines for the quality assurance of production processes. Pharmaceuticals and their raw materials are subject to the strict requireme ... Continued

Development of the NMR database

NMR profiling has proven to be very useful for the detection of honey adulterations in recent years. We are often asked about the authenticity of the samples that make up our database and ho ... Continued

USDA FSIS Constituent Updates

The July 26th update was informative! Here are the highlights:   FSIS determined that the number of uncategorized establishments has slightly increased. This increase is due to revisions ma ... Continued

Is it really what it says?

Analysis possibilities at lifeprint GmbH – A Tentamus Company   GMO-free feed for appropriately declared milk? Horse meat in a lasagna? Cod instead of pike-perch fillet? Celery in ... Continued

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