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Analysis of heavy metals and trace elements

Contaminants such as heavy metals are not purposely added to a food product, they are considered impurities. Heavy metals get into our food through various ways, e.g. they are assimilated by plants and animals from the environment or represent an undesirable side effect in the processing of food. Many heavy metals can be harmful to health even in low concentrations. To assure the quality of your product, you can order a determination of heavy metals.

However, trace elements can also be determined with the element analysis. Trace elements such as iron, iodine or zinc are essential for the humans. Therefore, it can also be important to know the exact content of these elements in the food.

To grant you with greater flexibility in the future, QSI is now offering you the option of selecting individual elements from a list. This allows you to flexibly select individual elements, which are clearly presented in a table in the test report. Now you can use our order form for the element analysis.
As a plus, the price structure will also be clearer. Ask today for an individual offer for the element analysis.

Extract from the test report:


Summarizing, the new analysis structure provides the following benefits for you:

– Flexible combination of individual elements, customized to your needs
– Clear presentation in the test report
– Clear and cost optimized price structure

If you have any questions or special requirements regarding the scope
we will be happy to advise you.

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