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QSI newsletter

We inform you regularly about the technical and content-related challenges for the analysis of honey and other bee products, agave syrup, coffee, cocoa, tea and hemp products – also medicinal cannabis and other pharmaceutical products. You are cordially invited to register here for the automatic sending of the newsletter.

You may find the previously in English published QSI-Newsletter on technical issues in the following:

Newsletter 2019-07 fake test reports

Newsletter 2019-06 Indication of the Country of origin of food

Newsletter 2019-04 Monitoring of Antibiotic residues

Newsletter 2019-03 GMP-Analyses at QSI

Newsletter 2019-03 NMR Honey Profiling 2.0

Newsletter 2019-02 NMR analysis of Agave syrup

Newsletter 2019-01 Update PAH analysis

Newsletter 2018-12 Pesticide residues in (organic) honey and their judgement

Newsletter 2018-11 Diastase testing – Different methods Schade, Phadebas® and Nitrophenol (updated 2018 Version of Diastase Newsletter, September 2022)

Newsletter 2018-04 Update of NMR databases at QSI

Newsletter 2018-04 Antibiotic residues: New Implementing Regulation 2018/470/EU

Newsletter 2018-03  The Evolution of the Database behind NMR-Honey-Profiling™

Newsletter 2018-03 Newsletter Determination of Amitraz in Honey – new method

Newsletter 2018-01 Whitepaper Critical Evaluation of Methodologies for Characterization of Agave Syrup

Newsletter 2017-09 Bee feeding as root cause for honey failing adulteration test

Newsletter 2017-07 New evaluation of the Honey-Profiling™ by means of NMR

Newsletter 2017-03 Analysis of Agave Syrup

Newsletter 2016-12 Analysis of hemp products and cannabis

Newsletter 2016-11 Furan in coffee beans

Newsletter 2016-10 Neonicotinoids in honey

Newsletter 2016-09 16-O-Methylcafestol in green and roasted coffee

Newsletter 2016-06 Glyphosate residues in honey

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