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QSI celebrates – Pink Party

QSI GmbH had every reason to celebrate last weekend:

In addition to the presentation of the two new buildings, the merger of Diapharm Oldenburg and QSI Bremen, under the umbrella of the Tentamus Group, was announced.


Customers, employees and family celebrated with delicious food, drinks and good music exuberantly on the company premises.

The constant growth of the GMP business field, in particular cannabis analysis, led to the need for additional spatial capacities. This was taken into account with our two new buildings.

In the first new building, in addition to the spacious training and conference area, there are the offices for the management and the test managers. CEO Gudrun Beckh commented: “We have created clear structures and connections by reorganising the areas. With more than 100 employees, we are still able to keep distances short and decisions quick. It has already been shown in day-to-day business that these requirements have been successfully implemented.”

The second new building houses the residue analysis of veterinary drugs and special analysis with a focus on pharmaceutical GMP analysis. The Qualified Person, Rita Mohr-Lüllmann, commented: “Due to our good standing in the GMP area, we urgently needed laboratories that meet the increased requirements.“

The Tentamus Group succeeds again in offering complex and competent solutions to the constantly increasing demands by bundling competences. Therefore, the announcement that Diapharm and QSI will go a common way was very positively received.



Bremen, 22.08.2019                                

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