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Publications about residues in honey

Food safety is an important issue that is becoming more and more important due to global trade. EU legislation imposes high demands, in particular on animal products, including honey. QSI carries out thousands of tests, on products such as on antibiotics and pesticides, each year.

See our publications about residues in honey here:

Mehdi Sameni, Arne Dübecke, Jean-Frederic F. Weber
Simultaneous Multi-Residue Determination of Mycotoxins in Foods Using LC-MS/MS
International Journal of Chemistry, ISSN: 2051-2732, Vol.35, Issue.1, 1410-1417 (2014)

T. Wiezorek, K. Beckmann, G. Beckh, C. Lüllmann, K. Speer
Erfassung über 100 GC-gängiger Pestizide in Tee
Posterpräsentation LMC-Tag Berlin September (2009)

C. Lüllmann, G. Beckh and P. Wessel
Effective control of residues in honey – Poster Presentation
39. Apimondia Congress, Dublin, Ireland 21. – 27. Aug. (2005)


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