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Analysis of hemp and its products

Hemp (Cannabis sativa) is becoming increasingly popular as a foodstuff. Many products such as hemp seeds, hemp protein powder or hemp tea are now commercially available.

Due to the different hemp varieties with possibly significant amounts of d9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is relevant for narcotics law, it is important to know the exact content of cannabinoids. The analysis requires a special approval by the German Federal Opium Agency, as the THC reference standard is a narcotic. QSI has been awarded this approval and can therefore provide the analysis for the cannabinoid profile. This therefore enables us to verify compliance with German guidelines and the EFSA recommendation for the THC content in foodstuffs.

As a competent partner for products which contain hemp, we can support the safety and quality of your products by implementing our analysis spectrum.

Here you will find our order form for hemp with the most frequently requested analyses.

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Most requested Parameters:

– THC/CBD (Cannabinoids)
– Microbiology
– Aflatoxin
– foreign particles
– dry matter
– Identity
– heavy metals

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