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One quarter of all honey tested showed deficiencies

Natural foods, such as honey, are often poorly rated by consumer magazines. Recently, parameters that identified non-varietal, non-natural and non-taste-specific honeys led to devaluations of the natural product honey, which was tested using sensory methods, pollen analysis and other microscopic examinition. In addition, analyses such as trade analysis, parameters of the honey regulation, adulteration, authenticity and fermentation parameters were used. In order to provide the analysts with a comprehensive picture, evidence of genetically modified organisms, residues and undesirable substances was also provided. The presence of such results creates a negative image of this food – consumers feel deceived and insecure. There is another way: many honeys have a good to excellent quality – let us ensure this together. We support you by offering you a wide range of analyses on quality, authenticity and unwanted residues or ingredients. We will be happy to make you an offer tailored to you and your needs – because not every honey is similar to the other, but every honey should be safe to consume!

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