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Legalization of cannabis for recreational purposes

QSI is a DAkkS (German Accreditation Body)-accredited and GMP-certified laboratory that can look back on 60 years of expertise in the analysis of food, pharmaceutical products, and pharmaceutical raw materials. We specialize in honey, coffee, industrial hemp, CBD products and cannabis.
QSI holds a BtM (narcotics) license and imports cannabis from all countries that currently allow exports. In addition, we are in possession of a manufacturing authorization according to §13 AMG (Medicinal Products Act) and are also happy to provide you with QP services, including the release of batches. We offer all required and all common analyses in the field of hemp, CBD or cannabis from a single source and can therefore guarantee fast turnaround times.
The planned legalization of cannabis for recreational purposes (“intoxicating hemp”) poses no challenge for us in terms of analytical services.
As part of their responsibility and duty of care, cultivation associations (also known as “cannabis social clubs”) are obliged to prove the marketability of the cultivated cannabis. Such proof can be a corresponding test report from an independent commercial laboratory. The competent authority is responsible for verifying compliance with the duty of care by the cultivation associations by means of risk-oriented random checks.

To ensure safety, special attention is also paid to the following areas, among others:
• Hazards from contaminants such as pesticide residues
• Hazards due to microorganisms
• Hazards due to foreign bodies

Based on the above-mentioned premise, the following recommendation is for the testing of cannabis flowers.
The selected range of tests can be extended or adapted at any time in accordance with legal requirements.

Basic examinations:
• Identity check (macroscopic examination)
• Water activity/loss on drying
• Testing for foreign components
• Determination of content (cannabinoids)

Further chemical-physical tests:
• Heavy metals: lead, cadmium, mercury
• Mycotoxins: Aflatoxins, ochratoxin A
• Pesticide residues (using GC-MS/MS and LC-MS/MS)

Microbiological tests:
• Total aerobic bacterial count
• Total number of yeasts and molds
• Salmonella
• E. coli

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