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How do I know if an analysis method is “accredited” at QSI?

The official test report of QSI bears the DAkkS logo (accreditation body in Germany). Any outsourcing of analyses to other laboratories is indicated in the test report. The DAkkS logo may only be used if at least one analysis method listed in the test report is accredited by QSI.

Is an analysis method automatically “not accredited” at QSI if an official QSI test report does not bear the DAkkS logo?

No. If an analytical method such as pesticide screening is outsourced to an external laboratory, the test report cannot bear the DAkkS logo, as the analytical method is not accredited at QSI. It is therefore outside the accredited range of QSI. However, the analysis method is usually accredited at the external laboratory. This is marked accordingly in the test report, e.g. in the form “Subcontracting of test not accredited at QSI to a laboratory, accredited for this test (e.g. PV-SA-085 2017-08, ASU L 00.00-115 2014-02)”.

Can an analysis method be “accredited” at QSI at all if I do not find it in the annex to the accreditation certificate of QSI?

Yes. In the test areas, which are marked with ** in the annex to the accreditation certificate (so-called flexible accreditation area), QSI has been certified by the DAkkS to be competent to modify procedures as well as to further or newly develop them and to publish results as “accredited”, without prior information and consent of the DAkkS being required and without the method being explicitly listed in the annex. The analyses listed in the annex to the certificate are only examples.

Does the accreditation of QSI only apply in Germany, or worldwide?

The accreditation is valid worldwide. The accreditation of laboratories under ISO 17025 can only be carried out in the country in which the laboratory is located. The German Accreditation Body DAkkS is responsible for QSI in Bremen. However, the DAkkS is a member of the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC), which is recognised worldwide. Test reports from QSI therefore bear the combined ilac-MRA mark, with which we draw attention to the international recognition of our services. The basis for this is the signing of the “ILAC Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA)” by the DAkkS. This multilateral agreement regulates the mutual recognition of the results of accredited laboratories in all ILAC member states. We are entitled to use the combined MRA mark of ILAC on results reports within the scope of accreditation.

What is the turnaround time for analyses?

The standard processing time is 3 working days, express analyses are possible on request. Please contact us directly:, Tel: +49 (0)421 / 59 66 070

Is QSI accredited?

Quality Services International is accredited by the German Accreditation Body (DAkkS) according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005. Here you can see the accreditation certificate with the registration number of the certificate: D-PL-14508-01-00

May test reports be passed on (e.g. to customers, suppliers)?

Test reports may be passed on if they are completely passed on. Passing on extracts is not permitted.

How can I check whether the test report sent to me is complete?

You will find the page number at the bottom right of the test report, e.g. page 1 of 5. In this way you can see whether all pages have been sent to you.


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