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We inform you regularly about the technical and content-related challenges for the analysis of honey and other bee products, agave syrup, coffee, cocoa, tea and hemp products – also medicinal cannabis and other pharmaceutical products. You are cordially invited to register here for the automatic sending of the newsletter.

You may find the previously in English and Spanish published QSI-Newsletter on technical issues in the following:

Newsletter 2019-04 Monitoring of Antibiotic residues

Newsletter 2019-03 GMP-Analyses at QSI

Newsletter 2019-03 NMR Honey Profiling 2.0

Newsletter 2019-02 NMR analysis of Agave syrup

Newsletter 2019-01 Update PAH analysis

Newsletter 2018-12 Pesticide residues in (organic) honey and their judgement

Newsletter 2018-11 Opciones para la determinacion de diastasa

Newsletter 2018-11 Possibilities for the determination of diastase with QSI; A comparison of the methods according to Schade, Phadebas and Nitrophenol

Newsletter 2018-04 Update of NMR databases at QSI

Newsletter 2018-04 Antibiotic residues: New Implementing Regulation 2018/470/EU

Newsletter 2018-03  The Evolution of the Database behind NMR-Honey-Profiling™

Newsletter 2018-03 Newsletter Determination of Amitraz in Honey – new method

Newsletter 2018-01 Whitepaper Critical Evaluation of Methodologies for Characterization of Agave Syrup

Newsletter 2017-09 Alimentacion de las abejas y adulteracion

Newsletter 2017-09 Bee feeding as root cause for honey failing adulteration test

Newsletter 2017-07 New evaluation of the Honey-Profiling™ by means of NMR

Newsletter 2017-03 Boletín Análisis de jarabe de agave

Newsletter 2017-03 Analysis of Agave Syrup

Newsletter 2016-12 Analysis of hemp products and cannabis

Newsletter 2016-11 Furan in coffee beans

Newsletter 2016-10 Neonicotinoids in honey

Newsletter 2016-09 16-O-Methylcafestol in green and roasted coffee

Newsletter 2016-08 Mannose -marker for honey adulteration?

Newsletter 2016-06 Glyphosate residues in honey

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